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06 March 2015 @ 02:05 am

The basics
1. Name please! Angela Petrelli
2. Age 65
3. What power(s) does she/he have? 'Normals' may answer this question as N/A and move onto the next section Precognitive Dreams
3a. Give us your understanding of how his/her power works She dreams of events that will eventually happen. Usually relating to someone or something close to her, someone she cares about.
3b. How does your character use his/her power? (i.e. to do good deeds, for selfish reasons, barely at at all, etc.)
Angela likes to use her power to do whatever she likes. To help shape future events with the least amount of grief to herself and/or her family members. Doesn't usually work out that way though. Some could see her use of her power as selfish but Angela would argue that whatever she does is for the greater good, as she sees it. Her visions usually relate to something close to her which is why most actions seem to be selfish.

The past
4. What's your understanding of the character's canon past? If your character is too minor to have one, write N/A and proceed to question #4 When she was young she was sent to a camp full of specials with her sister. Bad things happened and she escaped with a few fellow specials who eventually formed The Company. She married Arthur Petrelli at the age of 19-20 and had two sons. One born with an ability and one who was given an ability through a serum.

She was perfectly fine with allowing most of New York to be blown away in order for her son, Nathan, to take charge of a dire situation and advance himself and continuing the line of powerful Petrelli's. She's part of the higher ups in The Company and eventually was given charge of The Company after a few deaths. The Company eventually fell under her charge due to Nathan's government program to round up specials, even though she firmly disagreed with the action. That ended with Nathan's death at Sylar's hands where Angela decided it best to put Nathan's memories inside the body of Sylar in order to put a stop to the government program and to keep her son "alive". She attempted to work with Noah Bennet in order to restart The Company but that has not gotten off the ground.

5. No character's background is fully explored. Building on the canon base (if applicable) give us some additional insight into how your see your character Angela is much more focused on Peter and now that Nathan's back in zombie!form, him as well. She knows the pain of losing a son and doesn't want to go through it again. Her motivations are to keep them safe more than to twist events in her favor despite the sacrifices. Though she isn't past still using people and using her ability to figure out a way to get ahead and achieve her goals. She also probably drinks a little bit more wine than she should.

The present
6. What was your character doing/what did they do when the apocalypse began? Angela was mourning the loss of Nathan, dealing with his funeral things while trying to keep Peter from getting into trouble.
7. How did your character get to the house?
See Timeline

The future
8. Beyond the obvious short term goal of 'survive' what are your character's plans for when things come to an end. If you play a zombie, will he/she look forward to death once more or will they have hoped to have found some kind of curse?
Return to life as she knew it. Sharing a shack with a bunch of specials is not her idea of a good time. She's driven to make sure her youngest son survives the Apocalypse to get back to his normal life as well.

The write stuff
9. In character, give us 2-3 paragraphs on any topic that tickles your fancy. Again, the sample should be written in third-person past tense.

As Angela walked down the dim hallway she heard the screams echo behind her. She paused momentarily as her smile slipped from her face but it was only momentarily. She had done what needed to be done.

Her dream had been perfectly clear. She remembered the disturbing images and all the death that had surrounded her. Even her Peter had been motionless on the floor in a pool of his own blood. There was only one person who could save her life and the lives of her family and that person needed persuasion to help. Persuasion in the form of a human snack.

The woman who she had sacrificed hadn't done anything wrong, but Angela couldn't afford to be choosy since all the criminals had escaped. All but the one. But he was the one currently slicing that poor woman's head open in order for Angela to gain some sort of stepping stone to trust. All because of her dream. She needed him to survive.

About the player
10. Name please! greatbriton
11. Character journal(TBD if not yet created) mama_dreamer
12. Instant messenger? AIM: greatbriton103
13. What's the best way to reach you with questions? IM me, PM me through LJ, either character or my personal LJ is fine.
14. Last, but not least: If your pup was going to seek solace in the arms of another in these trying times, what kind of partner would they seek? (het/slash/femme-slash/not interested, etc.) Completely open to anything, but Angela is a HBIC so it has to be worthy.